Medical-Dental Trip

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 Medical-Dental Trip

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23rd to 28th of July 2021
Zanzibar, Tanzania

About The Event

The Hope’s first Medical-Dental Trip

The concept behind this initiative is to establish a provisional dental camp that provides basic dental care and education to the natives of the village. Dental procedures include dental and oral examination, removal of non-restorable carious teeth, fissure sealant application for sound permanent teeth in growing children. In the scope of preventative dentistry, topical fluoride application will be provided to children and young adults. Aiming to increase the public’s awareness to oral health, educational sessions will be organized to educate the children about correct oral hygiene practices such as tooth brushing and the effect of high sugar intake on dental health.

Goals and objectives

  • Oral examination of patients, assessment of dental health condition, and determine the required treatment.
  • Eliminate sources of pain and infection by removing carious non restorable teeth.
  • Reduce caries risk in sound permanent teeth in children aged 6 years and above.
  • Provide topical fluoride application to protect and strengthen sound teeth in children.
  • Educate the patients about the importance of oral hygiene practices.
  • Demonstrate correct tooth brushing techniques and educate people about the effect of healthy diet on oral health.
  • Organizing a session for new mothers that demonstrates oral hygiene practices for infants and ways to decrease early childhood caries.

Team Roles

  • Translators:

Local medical staff to provide translation regarding medical and dental history taking, explanation of the procedures to be done, and post procedure instructions.

  • Diagnosis (Volunteers):

Dentists at the diagnosis stations filling up the dental chart. (name, age, treatment needed, etc.).

  • Oral surgery (Volunteers):

Dentists to perform simple dental extractions.

  • Preventative restorations (Volunteers):

Dentists to perform fissure sealant application.

Fluoride station

Dentists to apply topical fluoride foam.

  • Oral hygiene (Volunteers):

Dentist to demonstrate correct oral hygiene and brushing practices and diet.

  • Disinfection:

Volunteer to disinfect and prepare clean instruments.

Trip itinerary

Day 1

Morning arrival

Breakfast /Introduction and briefing

Head to dental camp location and set up the stations

Language class

Stone town tour and dinner

Back to the hotel at 10 pm

Day 2

First day in the dental camp - 10am-5pm

Preparation of the camp and dental stations

Organizing the tasks and assigning roles

(1 hour prayer and lunch break at 1 pm)

Start accepting and treating patients

Back to the hotel for rest

Dinner and discussion

Day 3

Second day – 10am-5pm

Assign tasks and roles

Diagnose and treat patients

Back to the hotel for rest

Dinner and discussion

Day 4

Third day – 10am-5pm

Assign tasks and roles

Diagnose and treat patients

Back to the hotel for rest

Dinner and discussion

Day 5

Fourth day – 10am-2pm

Assign tasks and roles

Diagnose and treat patients till 1pm

Collecting instruments and packing

Farewell and gifts

Back to the hotel for rest


Day 6

Full day trip with farewell lunch

Back to hotel to pack

Head to the airport for departure

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