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Zanzibar Trip - (Renovation of a Clinic)

Zanzibar Trip -  (Renovation of a Clinic)

We are excited to meet you!

27th Feb. to 5th Mar. 2022

Zanzibar, Tanzania

About The Event

Msweni Jendel Clinic is located in Jendele Village,a rural area in Zanzibar. Jendele Village is one of the most impoverished villages in Zanzibar, as it lacks many life necessities.  The clinic is in terrible condition. It struggles of the old building construction; walls are cracked, doors and windows are broken, ceilings are about to cave in, and even basic medical equipment used to take care of patients are in shortage.  The Hope volunteers will be tasked to renovate the existing building. Some of the construction work will be plastering and painting the walls, mixing cement, pouring and levelling concrete and fixing windows and doors.

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